Widex SoundRelax

Widex SoundRelax has recently been introduced to the Widex range, made to help hearing aid users relax and reduce stress. New sounds have been generated in the hearing aid based on a strong legacy in tinnitus relief, to support hearing aid users’ relaxation, concentration and well-being. This results in less stress and sustained health for users with and without tinnitus.

The Widex SoundRelax enhances Widex’s legacy of helping people with tinnitus. A new palette of fractal sounds has been formed to help avoid repetition for tinnitus sufferers. By avoiding repetition, predictability may decrease the effectiveness of the sound stimulus. Therefore, the Zen fractal tones can induce relaxation and reduce tinnitus distress, awareness, and annoyance as part of tinnitus management.

The Widex SoundRelax presents 14 options: six musical styles and two wave sounds, with the additional option of combining each musical style with a wave sound into a soundscape. Furthermore, the pitch and tempo of each style can be altered to the user’s preference.

Widex completed a study of 22 participants with and without tinnitus, using 12 different styles of tones. It was discovered that a full 90% of participants rate the relaxing effect of their favorite sounds at either 9 or 10 on the 10-point scale. The majority of the participants indicated that the sounds helped them relax, concentrate and feel ‘good’.

Finally, Widex have ensured to provide the most natural and preferred sound quality in the Widex SoundRelax hearing aids, that is free from distortion, allowing for ease of use and further tinnitus relief.

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