Whether it’s the first time you’ve considered a hearing aid, or if it’s time for an upgrade, Acoustic Hearing Clinics can help you along your journey. With the help of a hearing aid, you can look forward to communicating more easily, participating in social activities and being more independent.

Starting with
a hearing check

Starting with a hearing check

A hearing test allows us to measure the ability of sound to travel from your ears to your brain. Whether you’re experiencing mild hearing loss or a more severe or profound problem, this test will evaluate your specific hearing issues and identify whether a hearing aid will help you. We conduct free hearing checks and initial appointments for customers aged 55 or older. We also offer these free services for eligible pensioners and veterans.

Modern, attractive and high-tech hearing aids

Hearing aids are an ear-worn personal device programmed to safely amplify sounds for your specific range of hearing loss. Unlike old-fashioned hearing aids that were large and bulky, most modern hearing aids are smaller and more attractive, with high-fidelity sound processing. This means that sounds are analysed, processed and amplified to make soft sounds more audible, loud sound more comfortable and speech clearer.

Get the perfect fit for your needs

We take the time to get your hearing devices perfectly adjusted to your needs. Considering that you’ll wear these devices every day, it makes sense to get them right!

Simple and easy hearing assessments

Simply book a hearing assessment with Acoustic Hearing Clinics and we’ll perform a simple yet thorough hearing test, discuss your needs and if required, recommend a hearing device perfectly adjusted to your hearing requirements.

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your needs

Consider your needs

It’s essential that your hearing aid suits your personal requirements. Some of the factors you need to consider before purchasing a hearing aid include:

The size, shape and
health of your ears
Your lifestyle, hobbies and
daily activities
The physical limitations of
each style of hearing aid
Your preference for style,
size and colour
Any additional
technical features.

Government Assistance

Another important factor is cost. The price of hearing aids can range from free (for those eligible for government assistance) through to several thousand dollars for advanced styles with extra features.

Affordable Options

As an independent business, we stock the entire range of hearing aid brands. This allows us the freedom to recommend the product best suited to your hearing concerns and budget. We believe hearing aids shouldn’t be considered a luxury item, so we always carry affordable options for our customers.

Types of
hearing aids

We are authorised to prescribe these brands

Types of hearing aids

Our hearing care professionals will introduce you to a wide range of hearing aids and help you understand the features of each option. We provide fitting and fine-tuning to ensure your hearing aid reaches its full potential.

IIC (invisible in the canal)

An IIC hearing aid is fitted deep in the ear canal to appear ‘invisible’ from the outside. IIC hearing aids work with your ear to naturally capture sounds. These devices may be fitted for a mild to moderate hearing loss.

CIC (completely in the canal)

A CIC hearing aid sits within the ear canal. They are very small and discrete and are appropriate for a mild to moderate hearing loss.

ITC (in the canal)

An ITC hearing aid is a smaller, more discreet version of an ITE device that sits a little further into the ear canal. These devices may be used to address mild to severe forms of hearing loss.

ITE (in the ear)

An ITE hearing aid is a flesh-coloured device that sits in the bowl of your ear. Each device is moulded to your ear to create a perfect, snug fit.

RIC (receiver in the canal)

Similar to the BTE style, RIC hearing aids have a behind the ear component; however, they also have a thin wire that connects to a small speaker positioned in the ear canal.

Open BTE

An open BTE hearing aid is a more discreet BTE option for a milder hearing loss. A highly ventilated dome keeps the ear canal open for natural hearing, only providing amplification where needed.

BTE (behind the ear)

A BTE hearing aid sits mostly hidden behind your ear. A tube amplifies sound to the front of the ear while a custom ear mould directs the sound down the ear canal. BTE aids can be fitted to almost any degree of hearing loss.

Free services
and rebates

Free services and rebates

If you’re a pensioner, veteran or a member of a private health fund, you may be eligible
for financial assistance with the purchase of your hearing aid.

Pensioners and veterans

The Australian Office of Hearing Services provides vouchers under its Hearing Services Program to eligible participants. These vouchers cover the cost of hearing tests, entry level hearing aids, hearing aid fittings, some hearing aid maintenance costs and ongoing professional support.

Hearing Services Program Eligibility

To be eligible for the Hearing Services Program you must be a citizen and permanent
resident of Australia and belong to one of the following categories:

  • Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card
  • Centrelink Sickness Allowance
  • DVA Pensioner Concession Card
  • DVA White Card – issued for hearing loss
  • DVA Gold Card – issued for all conditions
  • Dependant of a person with a concession above
  • Current Serving Member of the Australian Defence Force.

Schedule a free hearing check with one of our clinicians and we’ll be happy to help
you apply for the program.

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Private health insurance

You may be able to claim hearing aid benefits through your private health insurer depending on your level of cover. You’ll need to process claims manually as HICAPS is not currently available for the hearing aid industry. Contact your health fund to learn what benefits are available to you.

Call us today for a no-obligation hearing check and
start your journey to better hearing.

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All health funds accepted including the below

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