Widex Moment

Widex have presented a new line of hearing aids called the ‘Widex Moment’.

The Widex Moment has been designed to deliver the most pure, natural sound ever. This new sound experience has been named ‘PureSound’. Generally, the sound processed in hearing aids reaches the eardrum later than sound heard directly. Therefore, an artificial sound is developed when these become ‘out of sync’. However, the Widex Moment’s PureSound has been designed to enable users to hear every moment like they used to.

The Moment is also available to directly connect with iOS and Android devices without the need for accessories. This allows the user to enjoy high-quality calls, videos and music in any environment. Furthermore, the rechargeable Widex Moment comes equipped with a convenient, discreet Widex Charger.

The Widex Moment has also been designed with more durability and less corrosion due to the advanced water-resistant nano coating, durable microphones and smart engineering. This therefore reduces the risk of moisture damage to your hearing aids.

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