The Best Hearing Aid at Giving You Speech

Three of the best hearing aids were tested by Oticon in a realistic, noisy environment in order to show users how well they can help. Conversations were recorded with a 360° microphone that captured their speech, as well as the surrounding sound and noise. The tests showed that ‘Oticon More 1’ was the best hearing aid at giving you speech. The tests also showed that the Oticon More aid can help you hear other people around you significantly easier. The aids gave far more access to speech that came from the side – resulting in users becoming more aware of their surroundings where the head does not have to be turned to hear others.

The Oticon More offers a clearer quality of sound that also delivers significantly faster than its competitors. The test also revealed that the Oticon More hearing aids provide sound in higher fidelity. Good sound fidelity is what makes it easier for the brain to separate sounds from each other, and to overall understand what is being said. Overall, Oticon More aids are brain-friendly; this means they support the way the brain naturally works instead of cutting off peripheral sounds – which is the reason Oticon believes these aids outperform their competitors.

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