Starkey Evolv Al

Starkey have introduced their newest line of hearing aids, called the the Evolv AI. The Evolv Al is Starkey’s most advanced hearing aid yet, giving you the best “Starkey Sound”. It is designed to deliver realistic and genuine sound in all environments by including up to 55 million personalized adjustments to your hearing every hour. This will allow for more enjoyment in life by producing effortless hearing.

The whole range of the Evolv Al technology provides an additional 40% reduction in noise compared to previous technology, further reducing your efforts for listening. Furthermore, this range includes Starkey’s newest and most advanced connectivity. The Evolv Al has more Android connectivity, and improved connection and sound quality to allow users to enjoy TV, music and engage in conversations.

The 2-Way Audio feature in the Evolv Al allows for hands-free conversations, where the wireless hearing aid microphones pick up and stream your voice directly back to various different Apple products.

The Starkey Evolv Al also runs with the Thrive Hearing Control app, which includes multiple advanced features such as:

  • Edge mode
  • Fall alerts
  • Activity tracking
  • Aid adjustments
  • Reminders
  • and TeleHear

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