ReSound ONE

The ReSound ONE is GN Hearing’s newest revolutionary hearing aid. The aid includes an additional microphone inside the ear canal. “For the first time, allowing people relying on hearing aids to experience the world with their own ears while preserving the comfort of an open-fit device” states GN Hearing. The pinna (outer ear) is designed to work like an acoustic antenna, helping the brain localise and tune into a particular sound. Unfortunately, the most popular styles of hearing aids (Behind-The-Ear and Receiver-In-Ear models) capture sound from microphones that sit behind the ear; resulting in “averaged and incomplete reproduction of sound, making it hard for the brain to achieve its natural localisation and noise-cancelling function,” according to GN. The ReSound ONE offers a wide variety of colours such as: bronze, champagne, deep black, espresso, gold, graphite, sparkling grey and warm grey.

The ReSound ONE also includes a new receiver system, combined with all-new Digital Feedback Suppression (DFS Ultra III). Additionally, the ReSound ONE contains ‘All Access Directionality’ which automatically adjusts to your listening patterns, as well as rechargeability and connectivity options to both iOS and Android smartphones for streaming and hearing aid control. You can also get live assistance from your hearing care professional via ReSound Assist Live video calls. “Placing a microphone into the ear with an open-fit hearing aid is something the industry has battled for many years to achieve. This technology will allow people with hearing loss to feel that they are literally getting their own hearing back and hearing the way nature intended. ReSound ONE will boost the communication, relationships, and confidence of every individual” says GN Hearing CEO and President, Gitte Aabo.

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