Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Many hearing aids require new batteries as often as every few days if the hearing aids are used regularly. For some hearing aid wearers, using disposable batteries can be an inconvenience. Modern rechargeable hearing aid technology found in the Oticon OPN can now provide a solution to this problem without compromising any other technology or features.

The Oticon OPN rechargeable hearing aids provide a full day of use after an overnight charge. Users can simply put their hearing aids on the charger before they go to sleep every night, and put them back in every morning without ever having to put batteries in them or even open the battery door. Having a permanent place for your hearing aids every night will also ensure that you always remember where you put them.

Not having to buy hundreds of batteries each year for your hearing aids means you’ll be saving time and money, as well as making a positive impact on the environment. However, in emergency situations where you may be unable to charge your hearing devices or if you just forget to charge them, the Oticon OPN hearing aids will also work with disposable batteries.

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