Rechargeable Hearing Aid Receives Praise and Accolation From Industry Professionals

A recently released survey of United States audiologists ranked Oticon More™ as the best product overall. Feedback from approximately 50 independent audiologists participating in the 2021 Audiologist Survey noted that Oticon More™ had “great reliability, high fitting satisfaction, and excellent sound quality in both quiet and noisy settings.” The audiologists also acknowledged the absence of whistling in many situations where it might normally be expected to occur.

The report highlighted audiologist comments on, “the incredible noise management and processing support for all different types of hearing losses and lifestyles with Oticon More™,” and a description of the hearing solution as “very user-friendly and dependable.” Oticon More™ is “the world’s first hearing aid with an onboard Deep Neural Network.” This network mimics how the brain works and has been trained with 12 million real-life sound scenes, so it can recognise all kinds of sounds in fine detail.  On top of all this, Oticon More™ has recently won several prestigious awards, pictured to the right of the page.

Acoustic Hearing Clinics, as an Independent Audiology Provider, has always been dedicated to fitting the world’s best hearing technology. Don’t cut corners with your hearing by investing in cheaper technology — it’s not worth risking lost opportunities. We would like to offer a free trial of Oticon More™ to people interested in this premium product. Oticon More™ can be trialed at no expense and be returned at trial end if dissatisfied.

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