Reading an Audiogram

An audiogram displays how well you can hear sounds of varying pitches. This information is represented using a graph. Along the horizontal axis, you will see a list of frequencies.  The frequencies will rise in pitch as you go from left to right. The vertical axis represents loudness, showing lower sound levels as you rise up the axis.

Therefore, if you have a point on your audiogram that is charted very high and far to the right side of the graph, you are able to hear a high pitched sound at a very soft volume. There will be points on the graph along all of the tested frequencies, showing the softest volume at which you were able to hear the tone.

The results for each ear will be represented on the audiogram. The left ear is represented by the letter X and the right ear is represented by the letter O. If a bone conduction threshold is recorded, these results will be represented by brackets [ and ].

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