Phonak Audéo Paradise

Phonak’s newly released Phonak Audéo Paradise is designed to provide “the next level of excellent sound quality” through its new PRISM (Processing Real-time Intelligent Sound Management) sound processing chip which includes approximately double the memory of Phonak’s chip in previous devices. Therefore, the Phonak Audéo Paradise will deliver a crisp natural sound, have brilliant speech understanding, personalised noise cancelling, voice assistant with a tap, and a wide variety of colours.

It also contains universal connectivity options (smartphone, TV, myPhonak app) which allows you to control your hearing aids, access useful features and personalise your settings. Additionally, a new fitting formula (designed for better fits), reduced reverberation, greater dynamic range and reduced listening fatigue in noise are also included. A new version of AutoSense OS (ASOS 4.0) is also being introduced by Phonak; which is the fourth-generation of its successful operating system that enhances the existing feature set found in a previous aid (Audéo Marvel) with a new speech enhancer, dynamic noise cancellation, and motion-sensor hearing technology – allowing even better performance in noisy environments. Not only does the integrated motion sensor detect when the wearer is moving and having a conversation, but it also supports hands-free conversations while connecting with Siri®, Google Assistant™, or Amazon Alexa® via a simple double-tap to the ear.

There is also a wide range of charging options including: the Phonak Charger Case Combi, the Phonak Powerpack and the Phonak Mini Charger Case. A significant feature included in the Phonak Audéo Paradise is the new Tap Control. Paradise users are able to activate Siri or Alexa (double tapping the ear), answer or reject calls and even pause and resume audio streaming by tapping the outer ear (pinna). The Phonak Audéo Paradise also features RogerDirect, which allows the Roger microphones to stream directly to Paradise hearing aids without having to attach to an external receiver – further allowing ease of listening in noisy environments. The Speech Enhancer also boosts soft-level speech so you are able to enjoy conversations with friends and family. The Phonak Audéo Paradise will be offered in all performance levels across four models, all Roger compatible, including the Audéo P-RT, a lithium-ion rechargeable model with telecoil.

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