Oticon Zircon

Introducing the new Oticon Zircon line of hearing aids, this new line delivers 360° speech and clear sound from every direction, even in the loud environments, so everyone can now concentration on the sounds they appreciate. The Zircon family is offered in five different colours across a range of miniBTE and miniRITE styles with disposable or rechargeable batteries, and all come standard with tinnitus features and telecoils. 

Oticon Zircon is the newest line in the Essential range which applies Brain Hearing technology to benefit all customers to improve their quality of life, and to enhance their listening and understanding. Due to this life-changing technology, Zircon balances sound from every direction and allows speech to be clear and precise, letting customers easily locate and focus on what they want to hear in comfort.

Zircon offers two technology levels, Zircon 1 and 2, with 1 being the superior level of technology within this new line.  Zircon 1 utilises the OpenSound Navigator processing strategy, that was initially developed for the Opn line and then further enhanced in the More hearing aids. While Zircon 2 applies Oticon’s more common sound processing approach of Adaptive Directionality.

Being equipped with OpenSound Navigator, Speech Guard, and SuperShield, these hearing aids reinforces Oticon’s Brain Hearing philosophy to provide “a superb listening experience for people with hearing loss, even in noisy environments.” This new line also provides customers seamless connectivity, including support for hands-free communication and direct streaming from Apple and certain Android devices. Featuring a telecoil and Bluetooth low-energy technology, Oticon Zircon offers a range of connectivity options, such as: Access to Oticon apps, like Oticon ON and Oticon RemoteCare, Connect Clip, TV Adapter, Remote Control, Phone Adapter and EduMic. These accessories are to support this transformative technology to accommodate lifestyle and listening needs of all customers.

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