Oticon Own Hearing Aids – Empowering Your Hearing, Your Way

Introducing Oticon Own, a revolutionary line of custom, in-the-ear hearing aids designed to prioritize your individual needs, comfort, and discreetness.

Oticon Own hearing aids are a remarkable innovation, tailored entirely to you. No two individuals have the same hearing requirements, and Oticon recognises this fact by customising each hearing aid to meet your unique needs. From the shape of your ear, to the degree of hearing loss you experience, Oticon Own is dedicated to providing a comfortable and personalised fit that ensures optimal hearing.

Style is an essential aspect of self-expression, and Oticon Own offers a wide range of options to match your personal preferences. With five different styles and an array of colours to choose from, you can effortlessly find a hearing aid that complements your lifestyle and suits your taste. Whether you prefer a discreet and understated look or a vibrant and expressive statement piece, Oticon Own has got you covered.

Don’t be fooled by their small size – Oticon Own hearing aids are packed with powerful technology that redefines connectivity. With seamless integration to your favourite devices, direct streaming is available for both Apple and Android devices, as well as compatible TVs. Take control of your hearing experience right from your fingertips through the intuitive Oticon ON app, leveraging the benefits of Bluetooth technology for enhanced functionality and discreetness.

At the heart of Oticon Own lies the revolutionary Deep Neural Network. This cutting-edge technology has been trained with millions of real-life sounds, enabling it to recognise and balance each sound uniquely. As a result, you gain greater access to the sounds that matter most to you, ensuring a superior listening experience with less effort. Oticon Own goes beyond merely supporting your ears; it empowers your brain’s natural way of processing sound, culminating in an unparalleled auditory journey.

Oticon Own surpasses competitors’ custom hearing aids by being built on BrainHearing technology. This advanced approach focuses on understanding how the brain processes sound, enabling it to support your brain’s natural way of working. By harmoniously integrating with your brain, Oticon Own enhances your listening experience, ensuring you don’t miss out on any crucial auditory information. Say hello to a world of vibrant sounds and meaningful connections.

Oticon Own hearing aids are more than just devices; they are empowering tools that celebrate your individuality and offer you a renewed sense of connection to the world. Tailored to perfection, these discreet and stylish hearing aids merge the latest technology with personalized comfort to provide an unmatched hearing experience. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace a life where sounds come alive with clarity and brilliance. Regardless of the style or colour you choose, the BrainHearing technology in Oticon Own hearing aids is bound to make a life-changing impact.


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