Oticon Opn S

Oticon, the manufacturer of the popular Opn family of hearing aids, has just launched the new Opn S hearing aid. The introduction of Oticon’s Opn hearing aids in 2016 changed the way hearing aids support people with hearing loss in noisy environments. Now, Oticon Opn S takes the features of Opn hearing aids to a new level, with further improvements to speech understanding and reduced listening effort.

Opn S enables users to join in and keep up with conversations with multiple speakers. Users can experience speech understanding at the same level as people with normal hearing in noisy environments, such as a family dinner or at a restaurant. Opn S makes it easier for the brain to decide who and what to listen to, and when to switch attention, if needed.

In other hearing aids, feedback occurs when sound escapes the hearing aid and is then amplified by that hearing aid, creating a whistling or static noise. This commonly occurs when something comes close to the hearing aid. The Opn S combats this problem with Oticon’s OpenSound Optimizer – a ground-breaking new feature, which analyses sound so fast that it can detect and prevent feedback before it even occurs.

Oticon has introduced a new setting in their improved OpenSound Navigator feature, which allows users to give their Opn S hearing aids an extra boost regardless of their hearing aids’ pre-defined settings. To use this extra support, users can simply activate the OpenSound Booster in their Oticon ON App.

When compared with traditional hearing aids, Opn hearing aids provide significantly increased speech understanding, reduced listening effort, and improved memory recall. The new Opn S hearing aids even further increase speech understanding by another 15%, reduce listening effort by another 10%, and improve memory recall by another 10%.

Opn S hearing aids are available in three performance levels and four different styles, including a rechargeable solution. With the rechargeable Opn S miniRITE, a 3-hour charging time provides a full day of power, including streaming. For a quick recharge, 30 minutes of charging time will provide up to 5 hours of power.

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