Oticon OPN Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Since their release, Oticon’s OPN Hearing Aids have been a popular choice among hearing aid users due to their ground-breaking technology and sleek design, and this hearing aid just got even better with the release of a new rechargeable model.

The Rechargeable OPN miniRITE can provide a full day of battery life with a single overnight charge. At the end of each day users can place their hearing aids in the charging dock, leaving them to charge overnight, and wake up to a full battery which lasts all day.

The OPN Rechargeable Hearing Aids are not only more convenient for most hearing aid users; they are especially convenient for hearing aid users with dexterity and eyesight problems. The elimination of disposable batteries means users with these problems will no longer have to deal with the trouble of putting new disposable batteries in their hearing aids.

With the Oticon OPN Rechargeable Hearing Aids users will no longer have to carry spare batteries with them wherever they go or worry about running out of disposable batteries. However, in the case where a hearing aid user may forget to charge their hearing aids overnight or is unable to charge them for any reason, the OPN Rechargeable Hearing Aids will still work using disposable batteries.

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