Oticon Jet

Introducing Oticon Jet, this new line offers both discreet in-the-ear and sleek behind-the-ear hearing aids. It was produced to support those with hearing loss to prosper, as it possesses great quality of sound, even in loud surroundings. Offering nine styles to select from, customers can now be tailored with an extremely proficient hearing aid based on Oticon’s Brain Hearing philosophy.

Each aid is furnished with a high-powered microchip that is incredibly fast, as it processes sound 50 x faster than the previous generation. The aid effectively reduces any noise between words while gradually decreasing any unwanted background noise. Customers can now effortlessly focus on the sounds that are in front of them.

Oticon Jet features Brain Hearing technology, which is designed to support the way the brain makes sense of sound and allows all users to listen with less effort. This powerful approach enables these hearing aids to be finely adjusted to match everyone’s unique hearing profiles and personal sound preferences. The sound is delivered in the clearest, purest sound signal for your brain to understand, and to effortlessly decode it. Which allows a more natural, effortless listening experience.

The comprehensive family of JET hearing aids offers nine styles to choose from, ranging from a sleek miniRITE to a tiny custom IIC, so everyone can now find the right hearing aid just for them. You can select out of five different colours, which allows the chance to choose the correct colour match to your skin or hair.

Offering connectivity to your compatible Apple and Andriod devices, this new line boasts wireless connectivity, with a wealth of accessories. Having the following being made available to purchase; the Oticon ON app, TV Adapter, Remote Control, ConnectClip, EduMic, and more. These are a wide range of helpful wireless accessories that are made to assist all Oticon Jet customers. Oticon Jet also features Bluetooth Low Energy wireless technology, which reduces energy consumption when streaming to support battery longevity.

Oticon Jet delivers a more progressive way of supporting those with hearing loss.

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