New Oticon ConnectClip

The new Oticon ConnectClip is many things in one small device. Working with the Oticon OPN hearing aids, it can be used as a remote microphone, as a remote control, and it turns your OPN hearing aids into a high quality wireless headset.

Wireless Remote Microphone – When using the ConnectClip as a remote microphone it wirelessly streams the wearer’s voice directly to your hearing aids from up to 20 metres away. Simply have the ConnectClip clipped on to the person you need to hear more clearly, and their voice will be delivered to your hearing aids clearly and distinctly. This is especially useful in situations such as business presentations, classroom lectures and speeches at events, as well as conversations in crowded places or in the car.

Remote Control – OPN hearing aid wearers now have another way of controlling the hearing aid settings using the ConnectClip, which allows you to adjust things like the volume and programme that your hearing aids are set to.

Wireless Headset – The ConnectClip streams phone calls, video calls, music and podcasts directly to your OPN hearing aids, delivering clear, high quality stereo sound to both ears, whilst still allowing you to hear all the sounds around you.

Bluetooth Low Energy – The ConnectClip uses 2.4GHz Bluetooth Low Energy to connect to any modern Bluetooth enabled smartphone, tablet, music player, or computer. Unlike classic Bluetooth, it is able to stream sound to both ears, instead of just one. Bluetooth Low Energy also has lower power consumption and a broader frequency bandwidth than classic Bluetooth. For devices without Bluetooth built in, the ConnectClip comes with a USB that plugs into the USB port of the device, giving a range of up to ten metres.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Roslyn (Minyama)

I’m very satisfied with my hearing aids. They are very comfortable and can’t be seen inside my ears. They have assisted me greatly at home and at work.

Lily (Maroochydore)

My specialist, Karen at the Maroochydore centre deserves a special mention. Karen always has been very approachable and understanding. She always makes me feel at ease and is obviously extremely competent at her work.

Allan (Buderim)

Thank you for helping me select my hearing aids. I can now understand almost everything and am very impressed with your service and ongoing support.

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