Hearing and understanding speech involves more than just your ears – it also relies heavily on your brain. This is because your brain is where the sounds you hear are processed and meaning is created from those sounds. When your ears are not receiving sound properly your brain has to work even harder to fill the gaps in order to try to understand what you are hearing. People with hearing loss often become exhausted trying to listen and follow conversations in noisy situations because their brain is doing so much work. This can cause them to start withdrawing from conversations and social situations because of the effort required to listen in these environments.

BrainHearing Technology is Oticon’s approach to helping your brain make sense of sound. This technology works with your brain so that less effort is required to listen in difficult listening environments. BrainHearing Technology supports your brain’s natural process of making sense of sound by allowing you to hear all sounds, leaving fewer gaps for your brain to fill. Hearing aids with BrainHearing Technology help both of your ears work together to help you locate sound, and work with your brain as a system to separate relevant sounds such as speech from competing background noise.

Everyone has their own unique hearing profile. BrainHearing Technology enables Oticon hearing devices to be finely tuned to suit your specific hearing profile and personal sound preference, delivering the clearest and purest signal possible in the way that is best understood by your brain. With Oticon’s BrainHearing Technology you will remember more of what people said to you, with less effort.

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