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We are an established organisation in the Sunshine Coast area, with our head office located at: 

Acoustic Hearing Clinics
58 Fourth Avenue
Maroochydore QLD 4558

Ph:  (07) 5443 6633 (between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday)

Our privacy policy applies to our website, as well as our direct marketing activities.

Anonymous Access

Visitors can browse our website anonymously. There is no requirement to disclose any personal information. Our website does not permit visitors to post, share, or access information provided by other visitors. 

Collection of personal data

Our website does not automatically collect any information. Any collection of personal data will only be completed with the visitor’s explicit consent. 

Purpose and use of data collected

You may volunteer to provide personal data during your visit to our website. This information is collected. We may also collect data from organisations that have legally received the data previously. These sources could be public records or private organisations.

Any personal data collected by us will not be sold to any third party organisations. We may however, use this information to negotiate and communicate third party offers to you that we feel are relevant.

We give our visitors control over the other purposes for which their personal data may be used:

  • When visitors provide personal data, they can check boxes to indicate how the data can be used
  • Visitors can also request to be removed from mailings at any time

Our website never knowingly collects personal data from children, nor do we provide any of your personal data to other organisations, including our subsidiaries.


We have implemented security policies and software to provide protection to all data that is collected. The data is only accessible to our employees and our data processors. These individuals are only allowed access to the information if they follow our security rules and procedures and respect the confidentiality of our visitors.

The personal data collected by our website will not be disclosed to government officials unless we are required by law to do so. 

Modifying the personal data we have collected

Our visitors can request to see and make changes to the personal data that they have provided. Visitors can call, email, or send postal mail to our head office with this request.

After we receive proof of the individual’s identity, we will provide a complete and unchanged copy of the personal data that we have on file. You can then request changes to be made to this data. 


The privacy policy of our organisation is compliant with Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). 

Direct Marketing Campaigns

Along with the information that has been provided voluntarily, we may also collect data from sources such as Experian (www.pacmicro.com.au). This company creates databases of personal data from a wide variety of sources. These sources include public records and any organisations that legally collect data by receiving informed consent from consumers, such as the Australian Shoppers Survey.

Upon request, we will remove your data from our databases. Your data will remain however, within the databases of Experian and other similar companies. If you want to stop receiving direct marketing from the companies that buy these lists, visit www.yourprivacy.com.au or call toll free 1300 362 616. 

Special Offers

While we do not share your personal data, we may use it to negotiate special offers with third parties on your behalf. We will communicate these offers to you directly. If you wish to change your personal data or have it removed from our database, contact our head office in Maroochydore with your request. 

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