Hearing Aid Styles & Sizes

People experience hearing loss in different ways and for different reasons. As the type and severity of hearing impairment can vary significantly, there are many styles and sizes of hearing aids to choose from.

There are several factors that can be used to find your optimal hearing device, including:

  • Lifestyle
  • Severity of hearing loss
  • Budget
  • Comfort with technology
  • Aesthetic preferences


Our hearing care professionals will introduce you to a wide selection of hearing aids, helping you understand the advantages that come with each option.

The chart below shows some of the more common hearing aid styles.  Click chart below for a larger picture.

Hearing aid models and sizes

Invisible in the canal devices


For many hearing aid wearers, cosmetics are a high priority. These “invisible” hearing aids provide an excellent solution.

They sit in the ear canal, after the first bend, unnoticeable from the outside of the ear. The benefits of wearing invisible in the canal hearing devices include:

  • Because the device is so close to the eardrum, there is little to no echo effect
  • You can wear headphones, use phones and wear glasses without a problem
  • There is no need to worry about hiding your hearing aid
  • They work with the ear to naturally capture sounds
  • Sound settings automatically adjust according to the listening environment
Invisible hearing aids

In the ear styles 


These styles of hearing aids are used to address mild to severe forms of hearing loss. They fit snugly within the pinna of the outer ear and ear canal. Some advantages of choosing these styles include:

  • A mould is taken of the ear to create a perfect fit
  • The devices are made of durable plastic that is flesh coloured to blend into the skin
  • As pictured on the right, they are available in completely in the canal, in the canal, half shell and full shell sizes, depending on your preferences
In the ear hearing aids

Behind the ear styles 


With these styles, the bulk of the hearing aid rests hidden behind the ear. They are available in styles that allow the wearer to have greater control over volume and sound settings. There are also technology levels that automatically make adjustments as the sound environment changes. Our hearing health care professionals can help you determine which features would best suit your preferences and needs. 

Behind the ear hearing aids

Receiver in the canal styles


Receiver in the canal hearing devices combine the benefits of the behind the ear and in the ear styles. A receiver is placed in the ear canal, while the housing of the hearing aid is hidden behind the ear.

Because a portion of the technology is moved into the ear, the behind the ear element is smaller and more discreet. Many wearers find this style to be comfortable and very effective.

Receiver-in-canal hearing devices


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