Hearing Aid Breakthrough

Hearing aid breakthroughAmazing New Hearing Aids with Dazzling Abilities

The latest release of discreet hearing aids are now available on the Sunshine Coast.  They have been designed for quick acceptance.  And offer the most natural listening experience available.  They’re easy to insert.  Fit comfortably either inside or behind your ears.  And are barely noticeable.

They shift you into a world of clarity. A world where you understand what is said. And a world where you’re aware of your surroundings.  They allow you to hear better on the phone. Voices come through smoothly and clearly. 

Everyone can watch TV at the same volume. You can set the TV to the level others prefer and follow what’s said.  Soft sounds are heard clearly. You’ll hear the whisper of a child’s voice. And the sound of footsteps from a distance.  Loud noises are decreased. So your hearing sounds as natural as possible.

People will find it easier to talk to you. You’ll better understand what they say.  And be able to follow the conversation.  Attending large gatherings will be enjoyable again. You’ll no longer be distracted by low level background noises.  And you’ll have more energy to understand, as the effort is taken out of listening.  All sounds are processed automatically, so you don’t have to fiddle or press any buttons. 

In summary, these hearing aids help you stay connected to the world around you.  And provide you with an enjoyable listening experience that is not tiresome.


How soon should you act?

Hearing decreases naturally over time.  So any hearing difficulties you have will worsen.  If you feel you miss a lot of sounds, either with or without hearing aids, take action.  Research shows highest benefit with early hearing assistance.  This is because sound stimulation enables the hearing part of your brain to remain active.


Free Hearing Appointment

Call 5443 6633 between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday to book your free, no obligation hearing appointment.  Find out how these breakthrough hearing aids can help you.  The free hearing appointment is valid for people aged 55 years or older.  We have clinics located throughout the Sunshine Coast at Maroochydore, Buddina, Caloundra, Cooroy, Noosa Heads and Nambour.  We also have a clinic at Gympie.