Hearing Aid Connectivity

Bluetooth enabled hearing aidsThere have been many technological advancements that have made it easier to connect to the world around us. Advancements like smartphones and tablets that contain video chatting capabilities along with GPS devices that can lead us anywhere.

Unfortunately, when you are experiencing hearing loss, you may not be able to fully benefit from these advancements. Turning the volume up will only work for so long before you damage your ears further or frustrate everyone around you.

We have great news for anyone struggling with this problem. There are now Bluetooth enabled hearing aid accessories that help you hear these devices and significantly improve the experience.


How does it work?

A remote known as a streamer can be used to connect up to eight Bluetooth enabled devices to a hearing aid. This system has many benefits including:

  • It is easy to set up and use
  • Everything is integrated, so you can listen to multiple devices at once
  • The streamer can be used as a remote control 


Nearly any device that has Bluetooth capabilities can be synced with the streamer. Below are some of the most popular uses. 

Smart phone

Have the audio from your mobile phone sent directly to your hearing aid. You can clearly hear your call, even with background noise.


Home phone

Connect your landline phone to your hearing device, understand your callers clearly and never have to run to find the phone. 



Hear even the softest onscreen dialogue without adjusting the volume to deafening levels. 


Tablets and desktop computers

No need to worry about investing in expensive speakers for your tablet or computer. Now you can Facetime or Skype chat with your friends or family and rarely miss a word.


Loop systems

Some movie theatres and other businesses use Telecoil audio systems that can connect directly to your hearing aid. 



Listen to your digital audio files with improved clarity.



Use a Bluetooth enabled microphone to better hear and understand others who are speaking. The microphone can be placed near a speaker at a presentation, or can be clipped to your companion's shirt.



Watching TV with the family













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