Financial Assistance

How much do hearing aids cost?The Office of Hearing Services provides eligible pensioners and veterans with free entry level hearing aids. However, self-funded individuals and Voucher holders who want more advanced hearing devices may worry about their expenses.

The most advanced hearing aids can better suit your budget if you are eligible for financial assistance. When looking for financial assistance for your hearing aids, take the following factors into consideration:

  • Do you receive a pension from the government?
  • Does your private health insurer cover hearing aids?
  • Do you earn a taxable income and file a tax return?
  • Is your hearing loss the result of exposure to noise at your workplace?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be possible for you to have your hearing aid costs reduced. Our hearing care professionals will gladly help you understand your eligibility and explore your options.


Pensioners and veterans may be eligible for free hearing aids

The Australian government has taken great steps to ensure that eligible pensioners and veterans are able to hear clearly and enjoy a higher quality of life. With this goal in mind, the Office of Hearing Services launched the Hearing Services Program, which provides vouchers to eligible participants.  We have been accredited as an approved provider of free hearing aids and other valuable services to eligible participants. To find out more, click here.



Private health insurance

Hearing aid benefits vary depending on your level of cover through your private health insurer.  Claiming for hearing aids must be done manually. HICAPS is not currently available to the hearing aid industry. The below table shows the contribution paid by some health fund insurers for top level cover.  These rebates are subject to change, so please check with your private health insurer to learn what benefits are available.  There are many other private health insurers not listed who also contribute towards the cost of hearing aids.







$1000 per aid every 3 years

134 135

Medibank Private

$800 per aid every 5 years

134 190


$1000 per aid every 3 years

132 132


$800 per aid every 3 years

131 642


$800 per aid every 5 years

131 334









Income tax rebates 

The Australian Taxation Office may provide a tax rebate of up to 20% on annual medical expenses in excess of $2,120.  The rebate available will vary according to your level of taxable income for the financial year.  This could lead to a maximum rebate of almost $2,000 on advanced hearing solutions for people who lodge an income tax return.  Tax rebates are subject to change, so please consult a qualified accountant before acting on this information.



Work related hearing loss

It is only in recent years that hearing loss caused from working in noisy environments has become widely acknowledged. For many years, many employers did not provide, require, or even recommend that their employees wear the necessary safety gear to protect their hearing.

Many of those who worked on construction sites and in other loud settings now have a noise related hearing loss. The state government has developed a program to compensate these employees in the form of hearing aids. We can help determine if you are eligible for assistance.

Free Hearing Appointment

Call 5443 6633 between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday to book your free, no obligation hearing appointment.  The free hearing appointment is valid for people aged 55 years or older.  We have clinics located throughout the Sunshine Coast at Maroochydore, Buddina, Caloundra, Cooroy, Noosa Heads and Nambour.  We also have a clinic at Gympie.